A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO IGNITION SALES Description:The information in this Counterperson Training Program is designed to aid you when selling, describing, or helping your customers solve ignition system issues.
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO OXYGEN SENSORS Description:The function and features of Oxygen Sensors are discussed as well as the role they play in reducing emissions and improving fuel economy are discussed in this module. 
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO FUEL INJECTION SALES Description:This Counterperson Training Program describes the function, features, and benefits or our Electronic Fuel line, as well as system operation, diagnosis, and selling tips.
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO EMISSION SALES Description:This Counterperson Training Program begins by describing the evolution and function of emission control systems and then describes the features and benefits of each component. 
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO STANDARD WIRE SALES Description:This Counterperson Training module describes the latest ignition wire manufacturing  information, as well as selling and service tips for your customers.
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO COMPUTER CONTROLS Description:Review this module for a comprehensive understanding of Computer Controls
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO CLIMATE CONTROLS Description:In this module we will take a comprehensive look at AC system design, operation, as well as the features and benefits that are built into our Climate Control products.
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO AC SERVICE & SALES Description:This module is designed to aid the Counterperson when selling AC replacement parts and or service equipment.
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEMS (TPMS) Description:This module will describe the components and system designs of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
A COUNTERPERSONS GUIDE TO I-FLASH Description:I-Flash knowledge is essential when servicing commercial accounts.
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