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GM Compressor Applications

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Frigidaire / Harrison = Delphi Corporation

In the mid 1950s GM, through the Frigidaire Harrison division, began manufacturing AC Compressors. Their first unit was a 5 piston swash plate design, the A5, which evolved into the six cylinder A6 compressor. The A6 was first used in 1962 and it is still being used today for heavy duty truck applications.

Frigidaire Harrison was consolidated into the Delphi Corporation. Delphi has manufactured several compressor designs for GM applications over the years. They also supplied Ford with the A6 for some of their luxury models. Other Delphi designs include the axial 6 cylinder lightweight ‘H’ series, the radial 4 cylinder (R4), and wobble plate variable displacement units with either 5 & 7 cylinders (V5 V7). Their latest design is the Compact Variable compressors, which are available in a 6 or 7 cylinder configuration (CVC).

A6 Compressors

The first axial design was designated the A6. It uses a cast iron cylinder with a steel swash plate enclosed in a steel case with cast iron heads. The unit has 6 cylinders with an oil sump and pump for internal lubrication of the moving parts.

The A6 compressor, for GM applications, uses either a superheat switch or a high pressure switch mounted in the rear head. The units cannot be interchanged as the position of the switch port hole is different. Units used on Ford products do not use a cutout switch. Remind your customers that replacement units do not come with a switch installed. A plug is installed in the port.

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