A Counterpersons Guide To Climate Controls

AC Theory 01

HVAC Theory & Operation

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First AC Applications
The vast majority of automobiles and trucks operated in this country are equipped with air conditioning. This one time luxury has become a necessity for most of us. When the AC system fails, customers call you for AC parts and possibly repair tips. They will not tolerate driving around in a hot car; they want “cold” air! We take these comfort control systems for granted today. The first automotive AC system was installed in 1939 as an accessory by the Packard Car Company. That’s right; the first vehicle with mechanical air conditioning was marketed by Packard as an All-Weather Car. The Packard Car Company was in business from 1899 until 1958.
Mass Production
The first air conditioning system for the masses was introduced by Nash-Kelvinator in 1954. The 1954 Nash Weather Eye was a true refrigerated air conditioner with all components installed under the hood and in the cowl area. These systems were compact, easily serviced, and relatively inexpensive. The Nash Motors Company evolved into the American Motors Corporation, but in 1957 the last Nash branded car was sold. 
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