ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: COIL-ON-PLUG Description:This Advanced Counterperson Training Program describes the evolution of the Coil-on-Plug, COP operation, some of the causes of coil failure, how to test coils and coil design including features and benefits.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: RELAYS Description:This Advanced Counterperson Training module explains the functionality of some common types of relays, their operation, and how to test relays to diagnose causes of relay failure.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS) Description:This training module explains the importance of TPMS sensors, details the NAPA Echlin TPMS program, and how NAPA Echlin TPMS sensors can save time during an installation and save motorists money when replacing failed sensors.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: CLEEN PROGRAM Description:The NAPA Cleen Plan is the only professional fuel system cleaning program developed by a manufacturer of fuel injectors. This advanced training module details the importance of cleaning a vehicle's fuel system and explains how the the NAPA Cleen Plan, as a comprehensive fuel cleaning program combined with regular professional maintenance, can benefit both you and your customers.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: TECH EXPERT Description:This advanced training module introduces Tech Expert™ by NAPA® Echlin®. Tech Expert™ is an exciting new brand of enhanced products specifically developed to meet the needs of today’s automotive repair experts. Tech Expert™ was designed to help professional technicians with the latest automotive technology, new categories, and problem-solving improvements to the original part with a proven quality you can trust.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: VEHICLE WARNING LIGHTS Description:This Advanced Counterperson Training Program details the different illuminated dashboard warning lights that appear on a vehicle. This list is by no means comprehensive as indicator lights do vary by vehicle, but these should provide a fair cross section of what may appear on a vehicle's dash. Since automaker's images vary, the owner's manual should always be consulted.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: FUEL INJECTION AND GDI Description:This Advanced Counterperson Training module details Gasoline Direct Injection, CNG Injection, and Flex Fuel Vehicles. This training module will also explain the different fuel-types and the various engines that use these fuel systems.
ECHLIN EXPERT ADVANCED: PCM INPUTS/OUTPUTS Description:By utilizing a computer to control engine operation, the best performance and fuel economy can be achieved.

This advanced training module explains how PCM Inputs and Outputs are used in today complex vehicles, how they function, and how they are an intricate part of the automobile's performance.
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